Conditions treated

Colorectal Surgery

Management of conditions affecting the large and small bowel and anus. The majority of major resections are performed laparoscopically (keyhole) where possible.

  • Management of colon and rectal (Large bowel) cancer.

  • Anal cancer and anal dysplasia

  • Surgical management of inflammatory bowel disease

  • Surgery for small bowel disease.

  • Management of diverticulitis, and complications of diverticulitis including diverticular fistula, stricture.

  • Rectal prolapse

  • Surgery for advanced adenomas (polyps)

  • Transanal surgery

  • Endometriosis affecting the rectum (lower large bowel)

  • Proctology (surgery around the anus: more detail below)


  • Colonoscopy and polypectomy

  • Gastroscopy

  • Rubber band ligation of haemorrhoid and botox for anal fissure can also be performed in conjunction with colonoscopy.


Management of anal conditions including:

  • Haemorrhoids

  • Anal Fissure

  • Anal Fistula

  • Perianal Abscess

  • Perianal Crohn's disease

  • Undifferentiated anal problems

  • Pruritis ani (anal itching)

  • Management of Anal dysplasia (AIN/ASIL)

General Surgery

Both elective and emergency surgery for common intrabdominal pathologies.

  • Pilonidal sinus surgery

  • Hernia surgery

  • Appendicectomy